Aug 07

Wallace Church Presents Apera’s Brand Identity
Our Wallace Church family is a pretty athletic group, which is why we were so excited to partner with Apera, a sports bag line that marries modern sophistication with athletic performance.
Set with the task of creating brand identity for a consumer who combines both their athletic and social life, our team worked with Apera to delve deep into the mindset of Apera’s core consumer, the “Social-Athlete”.
Needless to say, the Social-Athletes among us were excited to dive into the project! The result is a brand identity that visually represents Apera’s characteristics of innovation, smartness, modernity and performance. From this brand identity later evolved the company’s three core pillars: commitment to Social-Athletes, passion for innovating healthier sports bags and dedication to inspiring all athletes (for every 3 bags Apera sells, they’ll donate 1 to a Special Olympics athlete!).
We’re very proud of our collaboration with Apera, and we look forward to watching the brand grow and reach Social-Athletes everywhere.
To read Apera’s official press release, click here. For more information on the bags or how to purchase them, click here for their website.

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